SCuN - the SCENE unpacking tool

SCuN - the Scene Unpacker :: version 0.49 beta

You probably all know the situation: you've downloaded a bunch of scene
releases, movies/games/whatever. Some of them have multiple CDs, some have file
names like "whatever.001", which requires you to right-click -> "open with" etc.
to extract.

Furthermore, you'd like to unpack some 5-10 releases without having to do it
manually, preferably fetching a mug of coffee or taking a shower while the
computer does it's processing.

SCuN is the tool for all the lazy people. Right-click a single release, or a
whole folder with releases, and select the appropriate "SCuN" menu item.
Presto, releases will be automatically be extracted to your preferred location.
If you want to unpack a single release, right-click the folder (perhaps, say,
Moon.44.1990.DVDRip.XviD-JUSTRiP) and select "SCuN - single folder". If you feel
you've seeded your downloads enough, you could right-click "f:\torrentbytes" and
select "SCuN - bunch of folders".

You can select multiple folders, and you can add more folders while SCuN is
running, unpacking requests will be queued in the main instance so you avoid
disk thrashing by having multiple unpacks running simultaneously.