Please note that the dates below represents when I did the changes, not when the changes were uploaded. I'm a lazy bastard, change/upload dates can be rather far apart.


15th December, 2009
Fixed a few broken links and added link to my dcmembers site, and that's about it. No, I don't do very much reverse engineering stuff anymore :)


31st January, 2006
Happy newyear, etc. Not much new here on the site, but time for an update anyway. I'm moving in with my girlfriend in a week or two, we finally found a flat. This means I'll be without internet for some time, until I get a job and stuff. My new program, fSekrit, will be released later today - it's a tool for creating encrypted self-contained notes in .exe format. Pretty cute. Other than that, not much new here.


13th December, 2005
Mainly thanks to Kniht from EFNet, I have updated the stylesheets and pages; site should work even better in old browsers now, and furthermore all pages except index.html are now valid HTML 4.01 Transitional :). I've updated the dualcore musings article a bit too. Now I really do need to get off my arse and do some proper coding ;)


11th December, 2005
Zowie, xmas is moving closer. Been pretty busy with real life and idling and stuff. Hopefully getting a flat with the girlfriend early January. I got my dualcore system, and it's pretty sweet - wrote an article with some thougths and stuff about it. Re-started on my packer/krypter basically from scratch, very very slow progress (real-life, etc.) Acronis TrueImage is pretty nifty, especially with the NForce4 SATA/RAID and LAN support, and working windows share access - thumbs up. Other than that... dunno :)


13th October, 2005
I've been looking at nullsoft NSIS lately, and wow - what a pile of junk! I mean, it produces nice and small installers, and the idea of using a VM for the script is good. But "we don't supply a pathsplit, so here's 15 lines of pseudo-asm to do it" - what? It just seems too ad-hoc and silly-assembly-coder style. Inno setup looks a lot more appealing, especially since I don't need to über-flexibility of NSIS. I'm fed up with the new html-help format as introduced by visual studio .NET, so I've ripped out the .chm/.chi files from the august 2001 edition of PlatformSDK (the last .chm version of PSDK I have), and made a custom installer for it to avoid the ~400meg overhead of PSDK install when I only need 50megs of documentation. The nice part is my own custom .col file, and a tool to integrate with hhcolreg.dat to make everything work smoothly.


30th september, 2005
W00p, payday. Hopefully getting my new Acer AL1722hs 17" 8ms TFT (phew) later today. Currently using a 17" 1280x1024 and 15" 1024x768, rotated to 768x1024. Unlike the ATi software, NVIDIAs rotation support *sucks*, and GDI operations on the rotated monitor feels like they aren't hardware accelerated. Oh well, I will be running two 1280x1024 monitors soon, without rotation. Will also be interesting to see whether DVI connection is better than VGA/D-SUB. Thanks to Halvar Flake and Rolf Rolles for being such excellent people, I now have a student license for BinDiff. Should be fun playing around with :) And finally, Subversion is really nice, and both ankhsvn and tortoisesvn have been very comfortable so for, too - yay for version control! Well, I guess that's it for now... apart from adding more dotted styling with CSS :P


17th september, 2005
Yay, finally got my act together and got some version control software up and running. I chose subversion; it's been really easy configuring it, and it seems to be pretty easy to work with. Now to sort out where source files are most recent - the laptop or the workstation. Sigh, hopefully the last time I have to do that, now that svn is up-and-running. On other notes, I finished the "C++ Coding Standards" book, it's nice and recommendable. Started on the Patterns book, looks promising so far.


14th september, 2005
Oops - last update was 9th september, not 9th august. Silly me, silly me. A bunch of books just arrived from Amazon: "Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code", "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software", and "C++ Coding Standards: 101 Rules, Guidelines, and Best Practices" - first two are hardcover editions. Brainfood, yay :). I've started using the Opera web browser again, after they gave out free registration codes. Certainly a lot more stable than the last time I played with it, and it's a lot faster than FireFox. I'll be using it for my main browser for sure, only thing I miss from firefox is "scrapbook" and some better adfiltering. Updated the stylesheet to make links more visible.


9th september, 2005
Three months have passed. School's over (nice grades), and now I'm doing evening math classes monday and wednesday. (No, I didn't flunk math, but the school I attended couldn't offer math at the level that's required for decent comp.sci. courses around here). I'll be spending a year wit those math classes and (hopefully!) a full-time day job, then I'm off for comp.sci. I'm working on a couple of programming projects, and unless I get sidetracked (which I tend to become, sigh), there will hopefully be some additions to the site soon. I've cleaned up and added to the links page, check it out. Other than that, I've assembled a p2-mmx350MHz box with 64megs of ram, which is used for compatibility testing (win98se and win2k at the moment, NT4 as soon as I find the install CD. Oh, and linux). It's a decent machine, and slow enough that the effects of speed-optimizing are measurable. I hope to go dualcore on my main box soon, preferably with an Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4200+, 2.2GHz with 2meg cache. Added the ABOUT page, for those interested. Yeah, got an obfuscated mugshot and all.


6th april, 2005
Zowie, nearly two years since my last update? I guess I should be ashamed or something. Been busy with real life, and haven't done much that would be interesting to put here. Got me a nice new AMD64 3500+ box which is pretty leet and all, and finally got around to doing a minor update - Playing with MSRs: AMD -> Pentium4. Site is now hosted at http://f0dder.reteam.org, as well as http://f0dder.schwump.net. Choose the mirror that gives you the best speed. School's over soon, and hopefully I'll have some time for coding and reversing then. One of the first tasks will be speed-learning PHP so I can create a more sensible news system ;). Ah yes, finally got an email address that should be stable (thanks!). f0dder(A)flork(DOT)dk should be entirely stable, and f0dder(A)reteam(DOT)org is a nicer-sounding forward.


24th september, 2003
As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean... or not. Site has been pretty much gathering cobwebs, but I've been busy with life. Education and such. Finally my mainbox is stable - turns out codegen powersupplies suck. Replaced the 350W codegen with a 360W chieftec, and now everything is wonderfully stable. Site update? Yeah... minor bugfix to the XCOM loaders, now v0.91. Hope to be doing some reversing work soon, but I find school and social life somewhat more important.


12th may, 2003
dijitalyphrozen.com (where my site used to be) has been down for a while now, and I don't know if/when it will be back up. Thanks to volatility for hosting me at schwump.net - hope it's stable and stays up for a while. Oh well, I guess that's what it's like when you don't pay for your hosting and don't like the crappy banner sites. Hope I can get some more work done on the site, but there's lots of stuff going on. Real life, you know. Coding at work, other stuff to do in my spare time. More books should arrive from amazon.co.uk shortly: inside windows 2000, josutti's STL book, and "Virtual Machine Design and Implementation in C/C++" - weeh! And hrm. I need a fan for my chipset... seems like MSI made a mistake shipping the 645E Max2 with only passive cooling, *sigh*.


30th april, 2003
Umm. No, I'm not dead. Lots of stuff has been going on - lots of bad, some good. Happy, recently a lot of good. Generally pretty tired and pretty busy with real life, but I might update a few things if I can get myself together. For now, I've updated XCOM loaders to v0.9, check out the misc section.


8th august, 2002
Fixed up stuff a bit, added the WM_TIMER essay.


29th june, 2002
modified CSS a bit (pretty "binary background" on code blocks). updated "packing, data handling, stuff". Added "memory allocation ramblings". Changed hosting to here, hope it'll be more stable and stay up longer than the previous sites. Thanks a lot, didjital! Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates, but there's been a lot of real-life stuff to handle (most of it has been sucky), and I have had a lack of motivation in coding/reversing. Gimme back my alcohol?


3rd january, 2002
Happy newyear and such. I survived bombs and hangover and whatnot. Uploaded the newest version of the XCOM bugfix loaders, which supports both UFO and TFTD, and fixes both graphics problems and music problems on win2k.


19th december, 2001
Been some time since last update. Been sinking into the abyss of ADSL overdose. The internet is a very very very dangerous place, and IRC is the invention of the ultimately evil entity (whatever *that* is). Finally managed to produce a new essay (essay02 on XCOM PitchPatching). Hope you'll enjoy reading it - I enjoyed reversing it ;).


28th august, 2001
Weehoo. Crackme4 is done :D. I hope you will enjoy it... I certainly enjoyed writing it.


19th july, 2001
Many thanks to Digital Euphoria Communications for hosting my site! Connection problems should be gone, and the speed is amazing! If you need good web hosting, I suggest you take a look. ADSL has taken all my spare time (ugh!). So I haven't got work done neither on the TEA stuff, nor crackme4. Bad bad f0dder. But I've added NoodleSpa's text on searching, and c4ffeine's softice reference. You can get the "iceref.zip" from my download page, and noodle's searching tips (HTML formatted by yours truly) is in the new "articles" section. I'm not totally satisfied with the formatting I've applied to NoodleSpa's text, but it will suffice.


8th july, 2001
Finally got my ADSL line (2001/07/03)! Oh boy :). Added essay on yates' crackme1, nice stuff. Working on a fast TEA algorithm implementation. Got a lot of work done on crackme4, just need to add an original and fun algorithm to check your serial/keyfile/whatever. Heat is driving me crazy&lazy though, and it's hard to get work done when you have an ADSL line. Sigh, I think I have to work on this, don't want to become a junkie... I'm going to put a few not-so-common softice texts up soon, thanks to c4ffeine (I think) and the always-wonderful NoodleSpa. And perhaps write up some text on using macros. And on getting C programs small (2-4k for a keygen) by avoiding runtime libs.


30th january, 2001
Yahooo! Crackme3 finished! On a not-so-important note, I changed a few colors a little again. And I'm still not satisfied. Who cares; I'm a code artist, not a web/gfx artist. Thinking about doing an essay on some of those ad-ware thingies out there; I don't like their banners, nor their spying. I have something special in mind, but I don't know if I have the time to analyze the spying capabilities of the program ... removing the banner was an easy task ;-).


13th december, 2000
Worked a bit on the colors. Replaced brown boxes with blue boxes, this looks better. Kwazy Webbit and DnNuke kept bitching at me, so I changed the left frame from gray to a purple gradient. Okay, so it does look better. Now shaddup KW and DnNuk0r ;-). One of my (best) friends told me that he thinks there's a sort of PS2 feel to this page... black and blue :-). There's progress with my crackme3, GUI is done and working, now I just need to implement a funny protection scheme, and then I can unleash it on the unsuspecting world. Muahahahaha. Updated the way links work (_top rather than main). By the way, does it surprise you when say I use the rainy day color scheme on my windows computer?


7th december, 2000
Corrected some typos here and there. Decided that the news should be listed with newest news first. Tried to change a few things so bugged up netscape might display a little better. Decided that the main page should have "last change" on it. Got a new and pretty logo from DnNuke. Working on my 3rd crackme (ph33r), but spare time is very sparse right now (school, work). Thinking about adding some more reversing & cracking content to the site.


20th June, 2000
Grrr. There's a catch to that "unlimited storage" XOOM offers. Your files can only be so-and-such large. This means I can't host neither masm32 nor the free BC5 command-line tools. So I'll just have to provide links from now on :-(. Also, it would seem that some people have trouble downloading my crackmes. I cannot understand this; I myself have no problems getting them from XOOM at all, and the majority of people don't seem to have any problems, either.


19th June, 2000
Actually came around to checking the page in Netscape (version 4.7). Yuck. What the heck is WRONG with Netscape??? Everything looks very very wrong. Sigh. It looks perfect in both IE and Opera, so I don't think it's my fault. Especially not since "a few" documents have spoken about Netscape bugs. Oh well. I've tried to alleviate some of the problems, but I haven't been able to root it out completely. There's a few things you can do to make the page look correctly. Get a newer version of Netscape (and pray). You could also switch to a different (better?) browser, like Opera (looks promising!) or IE (a few years ago, who would have believed me recommending this browser?!). Or, go to preferences->advanced and disable style sheets (you'll be in for a shock; who can remember the early days of the net? The result will be familiar to those who can...).


18th June, 2000
I changed the site "somewhat". Converted to CSS rather than mucking around with <font> and <table> tags, I believe this is much better. The page should look well in version 4.0 browsers, (tested with IE, Opera and Netscape). Heck, it's even functional and rather well-looking in lynx :-). So, what does this mean? First of all, the each page is generally some less (a few k in total). This should be noticeable if you're on a dialup. Secondly, the page complexity is reduced greatly. This should make the display of pages faster; this might be noticeable if you're not sitting in front of an athlon-700 :-).