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Last update: 15th December 2009. See NEWS.

If you're here for the XCOM bugfixes, check the export section. Or perhaps you're looking for fSekrit? - then head over tp the official fSekrit page, cheers!

Programming and reversing for the heck of it. Legal stuff only, no warez, serials, cracks or patches. Intention of this site is to spread knowledge and useful tools, not to infringe on copyright law and feed script kiddies.

I'm focusing on quality rather than quantity, so there isn't a whole lot of stuff on the site. And I'm known not to update very often - shame on me. I hope there's something here that you'll find usable. If not, buggers.

Correct is better than fast. Simple is better than complex. Clear is better than cute. Safe is better than insecure. // Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.

Site has been designed in 1280x1024x32bpp, but I've tried to make it comfortable in 1024x768 and bearable in 800x600. No heavy graphics or lots of colors, so even 256-color mode and a slow modem connection should work. I'm using cascading style sheets for layout, but things should work even in dog-old browsers :)