Here I provide some links for your leisure. I've tried to only supply good and stable links, but taste differs and the internet changes all the time. Also note that I have taken the time to describe what the links link to... links without comments are useless.

These links aren't sorted nor categorized right now. I might do that sometime in the future, but for now, you'll just have to live with how it is.

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9th august 2005: I hope to update this page in the near future, by categorizing links and adding a whole bunch of useful stuff. But we'll see about that ;)


A really nice site with various useful tools programmed by DonationCoder.com members, reviews of software (commercial as well as free), user forums and more. I highly recommend this site for any windows power users and programmers.


Shameless self promotion :) - this is my DonationCoder member site, containing a bit of software I've worked that is in one way or other related to DonationCoder. Official home of my fSekrit encryption application as well.


The Reverse Engineering Team
The Reverse Engineering Team [RET], which I am a member of. We're a number of more or less skilled :) reverse engineers and programmers, who aim to release decent papers and tools, rather than boring "cracking tuts".


The WIN32 Assembly Community Messageboard
The WIN32 Assembly Community Messageboard, or Win32asm board in short, is in my opinion the best of the assembly messageboards around. The people are knowledgable, the moderation is fascist-thight but fair, and the site is pretty stable. Nonsense and scriptkiddies aren't accepted, but advanced programming topics are.


Iczelion's win32asm page
A nice page about writing win32 applications in assembly. Assumes you have some assembly knowledge, but starts more or less from the bottom concerning the win32 stuff. The asm code is very easy to follow and pretty cleanly written.


The FLAT assembler
The FLAT assembler, or FASM between friends, is a rather new tool in in the assembly scene, written by Tomasz "Privalov" Grysztar. It is very fast (can be used as a compiler backend) and even though it's written in assembly, has been ported to a number of systems, including linux and BSD. Has powerful macro support, many output formats (including very powerful direct PE executable output). Bye bye, MASM :). The FASM project also features the FASM messageboard.


Ibsen Software
Home of Jørgen "Jibz" Ibsen, a skilled C/C++/Assembly programmer, and author of the excellent aPLib compression library. His site has a number of useful things for programmers; the aPLib compression library and WCRT small win32 libc replacement library are favourites of mine.


comrade's site
comrade, fellow programmer and reverser from the good old #win32asm days. Has a bunch of sources and tools for various things, worth a look.


Microsoft Visual C++ 2003
Microsoft's Visual C++ is one of the best C/C++ compilers for the x86 platform. It has very decent code generation, and from the 2003 version and onwards, very decent and standards-compliant C++ support as well. For whatever reasons, Microsoft decided to offer a free toolkit version of the compiler. Not a handicapped version without optimizing, but the real deal. It doesn't come with an IDE, but it has full header and library files for C++ development, and you can use it with free IDEs like code::blocks. VERY nice!


Code::Blocks is a promising new and free IDE for C/C++ development. It integrates with a number of compilers, included the MinGW ports of the GNU GCC compiler, and the VC2003 toolkit from Microsoft. A pretty decent IDE, for those that can't afford the fullblown Visual Studio.


The crackme site
Well, the good old crackmes site. Nice problems to test your brain against, including of course my crackmes :)


The MASM32 package
The MASM32 package by Steven "hutch--" Hutchesson is by far the most popular package for writing 32bit windows assembly. It includes the Microsoft MASM macro assembler, and the most complete set of include files, and a bunch of examples and toys. The Microsoft license included with MASM32 doesn't allow you to use masm to produce commercial applications nor applications for other operating systems than windows, and the "masm32.lib" included in the package has a number of serious bugs and inefficiencies; stay away from it.