Articles of various types. What else can I say?

Evil WM_TIMER... and workarounds
There's recently been a lot of fuss about WM_TIMER and "the windows API being broken", due to this article and this bugtraq post. Among other postulates, it is claimed that this is an unfixable bug. I've looked into the stuff a bit, and even come up with a couple of (ok, halfbaked) solutions.


Memory allocation ramblings
Some ramblings around the various Win32 memory allocation APIs. Rather incomplete, needs some fixing up, and probably have a few errors here and there... but might be informative anyway. Inspired by some stubborn and uninformed posts at a messageboard.


NoodleSpa's searching tips
Most people don't know how to search properly when using softice. Searching the entire 4G virtual process space is slow and can give a lot of false hits. Read this wonderful essay and prosper.


c4ffeine's softice reference (.zip, 26.7KB)
c4ffeine has made a good softice reference. Read this before asking stupid questions, please.


packing, data handling, stuff
An article about EXE compression, data handling, DLLs and related issues. Written after a rather ugly flamewar on the win32asm messageboard. This article should be rather objective and have technical arguments. I hope :). Read it before your neighbor, you might learn something, or be able to teach me some stuff.